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Frequency is the Foundation of the Universe

Exclusive New ABPA Package Offer for 2015

$1895 includes:

  • ABPA A2 (Advance Bio-Photon Analyzer)
  • FREE Vortex Imprinter Plate SP3 - new 2010 version - ours exclusive!
  • FREE Shipping and Handling in the Contiguous USA
  • FREE "Research" DVD about ABPA A2 Technology - ours exclusive!
  • FREE "Training" DVD about ABPA A2 Technology - ours exclusive!

This is the instrument that allows you to make antidotes, copy and clone substances, and then transmit those energy patterns to any subject regardless of distance. It can make a self-tuned, custom isopathic remedy in less than 40 seconds with a range of 0-cmm using intelligent auto-potency software, and is the only instrument of it's kind that incorporates safety codes both in the software and in the isopathic media.

FEATURES of the ABPA A2 and AM3 Matrix Systems

  • Advanced subtle energy instrument, very easy to use
  • Make remedies, clone energies and homeopathics
  • Can also transmit frequencies from the F-Scan, F165, SE-5, QXCI, Rife, and others
  • Operates with AC power adaptor (included) or from a 9-volt battery
  • Completely self-tuning, just set a couple switches and the ABPA does the rest. The built-in sending unit broadcasts the energetic patterns and countermeasures generated directly to the subject of your research
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BENEFITS of the ABPA A2 and AM3 Matrix Systems

  • Allows anyone to transmit energy patterns and solutions and to achieve effective "remote sessions" either by itself or with Rife, Clark, and other modalities
  • Helps to reduce the stress on your body’s energetic system
  • Neutralize stressful energetic residue that may be contaminating your foods
  • Antidote and neutralize the energetic effects of chemicals and toxins in household products that may be weakening your body (such as household cleaning products)
  • Neutralize harmful energies in your living area and land, including sick buildings, water and soil, greenhouses, farms, and agricultural applications
  • A helpful tool for Feng Shui practitioners
  • The most essential instrument for Energy Science professionals

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April, 2015 News

New "Members" Area Update!

Japan radiation protocol for the ABPA now posted.

Download the latest 2015 ABPA/AM3 User Manual HERE in the Members
Download Area.

We are pleased to announce the opening of our exclusive "Members" Area which includes additional videos, research papers, e-books and replacement manuals for the ABPA A2 (in searchable electronic .pdf format). Please know that to access our exclusive "Members" Area, you must purchase, or have already purchased, your ABPA A2 from EMR Labs, LLC through this website for access. ABPA instruments purchased elsewhere do not qualify for access.

New, higher power SP3 Vortex Imprinting Plate is now included FREE with your ABPA A2 Advance Bio-Photon Analyzer Purchase from EMR Labs, LLC

User results indicate that the "SP3 Vortex Imprinting Plate" can increase the power of your ABPA A2 up to 9 times! This is a "Must Have" ABPA Accessory! Read more . . .

About the ABPA inventor,
Dr. Alan Back